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April 2010

2010 GIS Day Event Registration Now Open

Help Others Better Understand the World by Sponsoring a GIS Day Event

GIS users across the globe can now register their 2010 GIS Day events online. GIS Day is an excellent opportunity to show how individuals, governments, institutions, and organizations are using GIS technology to better understand our world. Register an event now for this year's GIS Day, November 17.

GIS Day is held annually on the third Wednesday of November during Geography Awareness Week, a geographic literacy initiative sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Events that celebrate GIS Day have been held in more than 80 countries and often involve presentations and participation by public officials, GIS professionals, educators, and students.

Read about GIS Day success stories and the different types of events you can host at These events include hands-on GIS workshops, training seminars, special presentations and talks, map galleries, treasure hunts, and field trips.

Users are encouraged to access Esri's free resources and support online. You will find sample GIS Day agendas, proposal letters, white papers on hosting GIS Day and using GIS technology, information on how to go about getting public officials to proclaim GIS Day in your area, and even how to create your own GIS Day cake.

Users can host more than one event such as an open house at a business and a demonstration at a local school. To ensure the general public or members of the press can find nearby GIS Day events, register each event at GIS Day Web site so it will be included in the site's events finder. Learn more and register an event today.

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