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July 2008

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New Release of ArcGIS Explorer Provides Powerful Capabilities

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ArcGIS Explorer connected to a USGS Shake Map feed after the 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck China last May as well as some of the pop-up content that was created.
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Upgrading to the new version of ArcGIS Explorer will give you more of the data and capabilities you need to better analyze and explore the world.

Esri's free, lightweight, and downloadable application lets people query and analyze data from online sources, then map the data on virtual globes. ArcGIS Explorer 480 increases the power of ArcGIS Explorer.

You will now be able to access new content by connecting to enterprise geodatabases and GeoRSS feeds. For example, ArcGIS Explorer can connect to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) online Shake Map feeds [pictured above right].

In this next example, ArcGIS Explorer was connected to another USGS GeoRSS feed publishing all the magnitude 5 and above earthquakes worldwide. The map display at the right pinpoints the locations of some strong aftershocks from the large earthquake centered in Sichuan Province and the USGS data that relates to the temblors.

In the ArcGIS Explorer 480 release, GeoRSS feeds join the other supported connections: ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, and Web Map Server (WMS).

The new version of ArcGIS Explorer also offers the following:

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