About the FanMap

During the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament we pose a simple question: who do you want to win this game? Use this map to place your vote for who you think will win in each round. Place your vote, and see how many people in your U.S. or Canadian postal code have voted with you…or against you. Vote as often as you like. Current statistics and charts are updated as you look around the map.

This application is powered by ArcGIS Server. It uses the ArcGIS JavaScript API as the client.


This basemap provides a neutral backdrop for thematic maps like the FanMap. The map allows the key information to come to the foreground while the rest of the map provides simple geographic context. Administrative boundaries and major water features help create that context along with city boundaries and labels. Certain college basketball towns and cities have label priority in this map. The projection used is Winkel-Tripel centered on North America.


Graduated circles are used to represent the current vote totals and trends by postal code. Color and size are assigned based on dominant vote totals per postal code.


Millions of people watch the tournament on TV and in person. Die-hard fans are wearing their favorite team’s gear, and hanging their flag outside their homes. These programs have strong followings locally and, in some cases, across the country, but where exactly does each team dominate?

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