Data-driven decisions for companies who sell, finance, insure or buy from agribusiness. Agrotools is the largest digital platform for corporate agribusiness in the world. By offering a multitude of remote analyses based on extensive databases and remote sensoring, the platform allows the management of risks and opportunities in any operation with rural territories, from the granting of financial resources and rural insurance, to the purchase of raw materials, as well as the sale of inputs, capital markets and retail. The AgTech has been operating for over 15 years with solutions for different links in the sector's chain: from banks, cooperatives, traders, insurance companies, reinsurers, agro-industries, slaughterhouses to food retail. By providing powerful business, management, ESG and agricultural insights, the platform allows corporate market agents to understand everything that happens with suppliers and customers spread across the rural territory and, thus, make the best decisions on a daily basis. Our performance may be exemplified today by the integration between the ArcGIS portal with our own Terramatrix platform. The integration consists of a unique user journey within the ArcGIS Webappbuilder environment where the user may select a territory of interest from configured map layers to be sent to Terramatrix and then receive a socioenvironmental report regarding the land specified, guaranteeing sustainability compliance. Find out more at



Our proprietary analyses of rural territories are integrated with the ArcGIS platform.

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