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Presentation The high-resolution radar satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X form a highprecision radar interferometer in space and acquire the data basis for the WorldDEMTM. The worldwide homogeneous acquisition guarantees a global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) with no seamless at regional, national borders and no heterogeneities caused by differing measurement procedures or data collection campaigns staggered in time. The WorldDEMTM will be available from 2014 for the Earth's entire land surface - pole to pole. The accuracy of the WorldDEMTM will surpass that of any satellite-based global elevation model available today. Key Features Vertical accuracy: 2m (relative) / 10m (absolute) 12m x 12m raster image Global homogeneity Highly consistent dataset due to data collection within 3 years only High geometric precision of the sensors means ground control information is not needed Key Benefits Coverage: standardised DEM for any spot on Earth at the same quality Quality: allows to close gaps in areas where no adequate DEM exists to date and extend to areas missing so far (cf. SRTM) with high accuracy Accuracy: improve the performance of today's globally operating navigation systems and applications Availability: building-up archive for easy and instant access to Product Description Different product variants: - WorldDEM core: DSM unedited - WorldDEM: including editing of water bodies - WorldDEM DTM: will come later in 2014 Additional products: quality layers Posting: 12 m


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