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Whatever your area of interest, wherever in the world, enjoy fast and easy access to WorldDEM™ Neo and WorldDEM™. The most accurate global satellite-based digital elevation models available today. With unique data quality and level of detail, both elevation models facilitate a wide range of applications such as line-of-sight analysis, hydrological modelling, satellite imagery orthorectification, and much more. Worldwide availability makes them the most robust reference layers for risk assessments and investigating global phenomena.


Agriculture, Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Aviation, Community Development, Defense, Education, Elections, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Financial Services, Forestry, GIS, Geologic, Homeland Security, Humanitarian, Insurance, Intelligence, Land Records, Map, Chart & Data Production, Maritime, Mining, Petroleum, Public Administration & Policy, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Transit, Real Estate, Telco, Water Resources

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