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Manage – View key insights and analytics about where, when, and how often UAS flights occur in their community. Surface and publish ground risk information to UAS pilots to help them fly safely. Engage - Publish local information, alerts, and advisories to UAS pilots based on dynamic situations that arise that may impact UAS operations. Build - Support the safe growth of the new UAS economy and enable advanced UAS operations such as medical supplies and package delivery. Our mission is to help communities safely manage UAS integration while building new economic development opportunities for businesses and citizens. The AirHub Platform leverages your existing Esri investment, Geospatial Information and Asset management systems. The cities GIS data is enriched with the FAA and 3rd party data to assign air & ground risk profiles to categories of this data. Additionally, authorized personnel can administer risk profile data through a web-based portal. This enables authorized agency personnel to establish both persistent and dynamic advisories by time of day, day of week. Advisories may be related to assets and infrastructure throughout the community (e.g., schools, hospitals, helipads, prisons, stadiums, public spaces, etc.), special ordinances, and emergency operations. This advisory information is then published to the UAS pilot community through Airspace Link’s AirHub Platform which supports the AirHub for Pilot solution and connects digitally through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to our ecosystem of UAS service suppliers, UAS operators and UA manufacturers. The AirHub Platform is your interface to manage citywide UAS operations, engage with the UAS pilots in your community and to also keep your citizens informed by publishing relevant information to your community website.


Agriculture, Aviation, Community Development, GIS, Highways & Roads, Pipeline, Public Safety, Public Works, Real Estate

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