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The Airspace Link community FlySafe Program is a turn-key solution enabling communities and government agencies to easily publish current FAA drone rules, policies, localized advisories, and other important information about drone operations tailored for that community. The FlySafe Program bundles AirHub Connect and AirHub Launch products with Professional Services and Co-Marketing Support to quickly onboard communities and support Residential and Commercial pilots in their areas. Communities using AirHub® are increasing their residents' safety today while attracting economic opportunities from the emerging drone industry, reducing CO2 emissions by replacing delivery trucks with drones, and improving quality of life for their citizens with things like medical delivery and convenient food deliveries. The AirHub® Platform leverages existing Esri investments, geospatial information, and asset management systems making it easy to onboard with us and get your community prepared today. Local GIS data is enriched with the FAA and 3rd party data to assign air & ground risk profiles to categories of this data. Authorized personnel can also administer localized advisories through a web-based portal. Airspace Link is fully integrated with the FAA and is the only solution that provides digital infrastructure to empower state and local governments to make informed decisions and participate in the management of the safe growth of drone operations in their communities.


Agriculture, Aviation, Community Development, GIS, Highways & Roads, Pipeline, Public Safety, Public Works, Real Estate

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