GPS + Compass - Camera Ricoh G700SE

By alta4 AG

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Knowing “when” a picture was taken is always important, but how about “where” and “in which direction”? GPS coordinates in the EXIF-header of the image can help to attach images related to their location. Questions like “Where was this picture taken?” as well as “I know someone took pictures of this site, where are they?” can be easily answered once location information is stored with each picture. The G700SE comes with a GPS-Compass device. An horizontal accuracy of +/- 10ft enable precise positioning and gapless documentation of any situation possible. The integrated compass has an accuracy of +/- 3 degrees. For surveying accuracy, you can connect the RICOH G700SE to external GPS or laser range finder devices via Bluetooth. Please try our software solutions ExifExtractor, PhotoMapper Desktop or PhotoMapper Server.


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