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Voyager brings the simplicity of web style search to GIS by allowing you to instantly find map documents, datasets, web mapping services and other geospatial resources on your desktop or across the enterprise. With a quick installation and setup, Voyager is able to locate and index any of the data and document types which Esri supports including: shapefiles, personal and file geodatabases, topologies, CAD drawings, NGA formats (VPF, RPF, DTED), GeoPDFs, imagery, map documents (.mxd), globes, layer files and many more. Voyager is also capable of supporting non-spatial documents such as pdf, word etc. Content can be stored on your local computer, across file servers as well as web and database servers including: ArcGIS for Server, ArcOnline, SDE and WMS services running internally within your organization or across the internet. Once information is placed in Voyager’s state-of-the-art index it is available for text search, spatial queries, faceted browsing and exposes the relationships between maps, layers and datasets. Voyager can manage your spatial data infrastructure through auditing and maintenance tools. It allows you to share data with others in your organization or across the Internet. All of this is easily accessible through Voyager’s intuitive user interface

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