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Ottawa, ON, Canada


Attain Insight Map Intelligence bridges the gap between Business Intelligence (BI) applications and geographic data, giving business users the ability to visualize and interact with multiple time and location-based data sets simultaneously on a map. Map Intelligence is completely plug and play directly into your business analytics platform and no code is required to integrate with GIS providers. Map Intelligence has a rich arsenal of spatial tools tightly integrated into your familiar BI environment, so you can make better decisions around how to optimize sales and operations based on this location intelligence. Map Intelligence supports seamless integration with IBM Cognos Analytics software, and can link to all supported GIS servers including Esri. It provides a powerful template-based facility that links with Cognos Report Studio to deliver dynamic maps driven by Cognos report data. This means Cognos users benefit from having location analysis capabilities fully integrated within the Cognos reporting environment. In addition, Map Intelligence works with Google Earth to export spatial analytics generated from IBM Cognos data and supports Google Maps overlays. With Map Intelligence, flexible spatial analysis is now more accessible and affordable to a range of businesses and users. For demos of Map Intelligence contact us to request a personalized demonstration.



Consulting Services: Attain Insight has experienced consultants with a unique combination of mapping and Business Intelligence skills. We’re always eager to assist our customers to fulfill their vision for using Map Intelligence (MI) and our involvement often results in faster delivery of MI powered artifacts whilst simultaneously educating customer staff. Some assignments require our knowledge of the various BI tools to be supplemented by those of our partners who specialize in those tools. Our focus is on the deliverable and ensuring a better than satisfactory outcome for our customers. Deployment & Training Services: Map Intelligence is easily installed but when you’re starting from scratch a lot of time and effort can be saved by having an Attain Insight expert alongside when configuring the system and creating those first few map-enabled reports. Our experience shows that two to five days initially working with our consultants can have a quick and significant payback. During those first few days after installing MI in your environment we can customize Map Intelligence, develop applications and reports, make presentation(s) to management, and train staff. Hosting Services: For clients looking to avoid the many costs and delays with procuring in-house technical support and services we offer Managed Hosted Services that’s ITSG-33 compliant, certified and secured. Or ask about Hybrid and Cloud-Private solutions to bridge your existing on-premises solution.

Services Provided:

Business Case Development, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration, Training Services