Bad Elf

West Hartford, CT, United States


Bad Elf’s products and services evolve with the mindset of knowing our customers and using our technical skills to provide exceptional offerings. Our team has diverse technical skills and we use those skills to solve real-world challenges. With this mindset, we design products not just for today, we design for Engineering Magic. Keeping an eye on the future allows us to respond nimbly to the continual change in our growing customer base. Bad Elf's line of GNSS receivers empower GIS and survey professionals to collect high-accuracy field data using any phone, tablet, or laptop. Our products work with any location-based app running on iOS, Android, and Windows. Simply put, Bad Elf builds GNSS receivers that are affordable, accurate, and intuitive. The Bad Elf Pioneer Package is the ultimate way to start confidently collecting high-accuracy GNSS data with the best hardware and software on the market. With a goal of maximizing the system of record of their GIS, customers will attain all the skills necessary to manage and deploy field data collection solutions confidently. Based on the organization's specific requirements, training includes an interactive lesson plan, with every resource needed for high proficiency field data collection with a Bad Elf receiver.