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Mobile Area Routing and Vehicle Location Information System™ (MARVLIS) is a family of integrated products designed to reach the bottom line: saving time and money by getting the right resources to the right location at the right time to best meet your client's needs. Using geographic information system (GIS) technology combined with wireless communication and the Global Positioning System (GPS), MARVLIS is bringing fundamental changes to the management and deployment of time sensitive services. Intelligent routing, live graphical display of current and required resources, and on-demand innovative analysis are just a few of the ways MARVLIS is helping to save our most important asset. After all, isn't it about time? As a Dynamic System Status Management tool, MARVLIS automates the process of assigning posts for emergency vehicles by generating demand forecast surfaces geographically and overlying dynamic network response zones based on past response driving patterns. This process helps to reduce individual response times and maximizes overall system efficiency while meeting system goals with the fewest resources possible. MARVLIS improves effective service while increasing system efficiency.


Defense, GIS, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Public Safety, Public Works

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