TA First Aid Kit

By Bradshaw Consulting Services, Inc.

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TheAddresser First Aid Kit is the most comprehensive diagnostic utility for E911 address point and street centerline data on the market today. Whether you are fixing addresses, rectifying centerlines for use with CAD, or preparing data for changing NG911 standards, TA First Aid Kit takes the guesswork out of evaluating and identifying critical and non-critical issues that adversely effect the quality, speed, and reliability of your data. Identifies a number of issues affecting the accuracy of 911 Address Points such as Zero Addresses, Duplicates, Out of Range, and more. Improve your geocoding accuracy by locating and fixing key problems with ranging and attributing such as Zero/Overlapping Ranges, Invalid Geometry and many others. Diagnoses centerline routing viability and scans for errors such as Linear Direction, Self-Intersecting Segments, Invalid One Ways, Missing/Invalid Impedances and more. Error reports are exported as CSV or feature classes.


GIS,Public Safety

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