Castres, France


Since 1996, CGX AERO develops, integrates, distributes, implements and helps to operate high added value aeronautical information systems optimized for Civil and Military Aviations around the world (35+ references). CGX AERO carries out projects either directly or through strong partnerships with ENAC (National Civil Aviation Academy), THALES Air Systems, AIRBUS, QUOVADIS (RNP procedures and GNSS navigation), Oktal. CGX AERO is a unique company in the world that specializes in the field of expertise with the GOLD Level Esri Inc. partnership (Esri Inc. is the worldwide leader in GIS – Geographical Information System). As part of Aerospace Valley competitiveness cluster, CGX AERO, among the founder members of the project GAIA Virtual Sky®, is also a member of certified SimCA projects (Airport Driving simulator) and SCAII (Safe Chain for Aeronautical Information Integration). CGX AERO distributes expert solutions and associated services for: •AIP-GIS Charting®, for design, management, and production of aeronautical charts, •Ai-Sky Data®, management tool for aeronautical data transformation (ARINC, AIXM, DAFIF, Navigraph formats, etc.), •GéoTITAN® (ENAC ownership), expert tool for study and instrument flight procedure design (, •SAT4Flight®, availability of GPS signal, distributed by QUOVADIS, •AiRFInder®, identification and localization of jamming and interferences’ sources.



CGX AERO provides services in the field of aeronautical information: on site data gathering and ground surveys, aeronautical studies (from aerodromes to flight trajectories, etc.), instrument flight procedure design and aeronautical charting, coding. In addition to these activities, CGX AERO also provides services in auditing, training, support and consultancy in the domains mentioned above. To face the new challenges and obligations of small and medium sized airports and accompany them into the new era of approaches assisted by satellites, CGX AERO extends its services to the actors in air transport operations through the acquisition of CAT’Sud (airports conformity, regulation, strategy/prospective). CGX AERO now offers various consulting services specific to air transport operations focusing on three main topics related to air transport: airports, airlines, and air traffic management.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Integration, Training Services