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Corrivo is the next evolution of advanced, full loop, compliance management and asset data collection. It allows users to view program performance, eliminate paperwork, and quickly access field observations in real-time so that informed decisions can be made. This solution allows companies to prioritize in-the-field activities and makes activity monitoring and reporting easy. This map-based solution is integrated with Esri ArcGIS Enterprise and offers support for IOS devices and the Windows platform. Its ability to support multiple work activities makes this solution extremely flexible. Gain critical insight into field activities and eliminate paperwork with this customizable solution. Corrivo has out-of-the-box modules, plus the flexibility to be configured to meet your unique needs. For example, the leak survey module helps gas utilities successfully execute leak surveys in a defendable and trackable manner, and improve data quality assurance through error reduction. The aerial patrol module helps pipeline companies by integrating into existing work order management systems, thus eliminating the need for post flight reporting. There are many scenarios that Corrivo can be beneficial such as, refining office to field workflows, area inspections, compliance requirements, O&M tasks, and other in-the-field activities. Users find that Corrivo is affordable, scalable, easy to learn, configure and use. Corrivo activities are configurable so a company might use Corrivo to conduct the following (not an exhaustive list): Leak Survey & Investigation Aerial Patrol Area Survey Valve Inspection Leak Monitoring & Repair Non-Leak Maintenance & Repair Crossing Inspections Record Encroachments Excavation Damage Inspections Exposed Pipe Inspections General Observations Line/Pipeline Marker Inspection & Edits Map Correction Notes Odorant Concentration Log Regulator Inspection Relief Valve Maintenance Compliance inspections Consistent and high-quality data from the field


Electric & Gas, GIS, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Petroleum, Pipeline, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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