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CHA Integrated Solutions (CHA) Gas High and Moderate Consequence Areas (HCA/MCA) Calculator for ArcGIS Pro can help operators increase data confidence and produce data that is traceable, verifiable, and complete. This tool is flexible, user-friendly, and built around federal regulations. This Gas HCA/MCA Calculator for ArcGIS Pro calculates both high and moderate consequence areas along an operator’s pipeline in accordance with Federal Regulatory compliance requirements prescribed in U.S. CFR Title 49, Part 192, SubPart O, Sections §192.3, §192.5 & §192.903 (dated October 1, 2019). Capabilities include: *Graphical representation of HCAs and MCAs in their geospatial context *MCA results integrated with HCA analysis *Fully configurable settings *Complete summary reporting *Built-in validation tools *Full integration with ArcGIS Pro There are several innovative built-in validation tools to allow users to validate results and have confidence in the final determination. A Potential Impact Circle (PIC) tool allows users to click and drag along the pipeline while the tool draws a circle representing the PIC in that area. This allows you to easily see which structures are in or out of the PIC at any given point, even when the PIC changes. A separate structure impact tool highlights all structures that contributed to a HCA or MCA determination. Integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Pro brings several advantages: *Users can run multiple analyses over the same area with different inputs to perform a “what if” analysis and compare the results side by side. *The calculator’s user interface integrates with ArcGIS Pro to provide a clear and comfortable user experience. *There is the ability to use ArcGIS Pro’s filtering and selection tools to control which lines or segments of the system you want to analyze. *Users can drill down to see the root cause of why there is a HCA/MCA designation. For more information please contact us for a demo ( or view further information on our website at


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