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Based on 20 years of development of the standalone SimCLIM tool, CLIMsystems’ SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Climate add-in enables ArcGIS users to produce spatial images of climate change through an incredibly efficient process. The add-in allows for the evaluation of uncertainties stemming from different emission scenarios, climate sensitivities and climate change models returning beautiful images and advanced data relating to max/min temperature, precipitation, wind, solar radiation and sea surface temperature. With six SRES scenarios and 21 GCM patterns to choose from utilizing the latest Assessment Report 5 data, the flexibility for climate modelling within ArcGIS is enormous. But perhaps the benefits are best described by one of our customers: “The SimCLIM-for-ArcGIS/Climate add-in is a great innovation. Having all the functionality of ArcGIS, it’s easy to create maps that include or are clipped to particular areas, catchments or features of interest and to calculate rainfall or temperature changes across chosen locations.” The SimCLIM for Arc-GIS Add-in sits within the ArcGIS toolbar and is therefore easily launched for creating baseline and climate change layers for various regions, countries and States/Provinces across the globe. Whether you’re conducting advanced climate modelling or simply creating exquisite images for reports, SimCLIM for ArcGIS/Climate empowers ArcGIS users by providing cutting edge climate change science at the click of toolbar.


Community Development, Environmental Management, Research Organizations, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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