con terra GmbH

Münster, NW, Germany


con terra is an Esri Platinum Partner, bringing ArcGIS expertise and business-critical solutions to customers and partners for over 25 years. Our core business is the integration and implementation of ArcGIS based solutions for Enterprise-level customers, helping them achieve Digital Transformation with sustainable solutions. In particular, we specialise in target business markets such as Natural Resources, Environment, Insurances, Telecommunications, Spatial Data Infrastructures and E-Government. As well as our development and project management skills, con terra has special competence in the topics of UX/UCD, Security, Digital Transformation, Open Data, INSPIRE, Spatial Data Modelling and ETL. To accomplish this, we build on three tiers: • A deep focus and expertise for the ArcGIS System and complementary technologies. • Adding value via components and solutions that extend the ArcGIS System, with our con terra Technologies and FME • An agile and innovative young team of over 150 technical experts that strive to succeed on behalf of our customers. We place a great focus on partnership, with a long history of working closely with Esri Distributors and Partners in Europe and beyond. Whether by providing key components to deliver specific, off the shelf functions for security, or fully participating in a delivery team for solution development or ArcGIS technology rollouts, con terra is proud to partner with companies which are foremost in their field.



con terra is primarily a services company, offering consulting, building, integration and deployment services, and managing geospatial solutions for enterprises, with a focus on ArcGIS. At a high level, our expertise and focus falls into the following categories: • Geographic Information Systems, with ArcGIS as our system of choice. • Design and implementation services: - Design Thinking, User Centered Design, User Experience - System Design - Project Management - GIS Solution Development (Agile, Classical) - System Rollouts and Deployment - Managed Services • Special thematic expertise with a focus on Enterprise Solutions in: - Security - ETL - System Monitoring - System Scaling / Sizing - Linux • Expertise and considerable experience in selected markets (see below). Besides consulting and development services, con terra also develops and maintains a portfolio of products and components that complement and extend the ArcGIS System, under the umbrella of con terra Technologies. Target Markets con terra has a strong focus on specific markets. In particular, con terra has well-experienced teams specializing in the following business markets: • Commercial including Retail, Real Estate and Insurances • Nature, Resources and Environment including Forestry • Spatial Data Infrastructures & E-Government • Telecommunications • Spatial ETL

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services