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security.manager is a business-critical building block, delivering authentication, authorization and single-sign-on facilities to digital service solutions. By integrating with standard enterprise IT security systems, security.manager brings access control on ArcGIS services in line with core enterprise-level approaches. In the majority of enterprises, the need to share information is increasingly important, especially with geospatial data. However, many organizations are reluctant to provide access to data, even internally, without imposing conditions. security.manager solves this problem by providing the ability to impose fine-grained access control rules, including spatial authorization and access to the individual layers or features, such that organizations can explicitly define who gets to see what in any of their published spatial services. In doing so, security.manager enables organizations to extend Enterprise security concepts to the ArcGIS Platform. By integrating directly within ArcGIS Server, security.manager provides a seamless experience for both administrators and users. For administrators, managing security policies is done within the existing ArcGIS Server Manager, while for users, the service behaves just like an unprotected service would. By reusing the authentication methods provided by the ArcGIS Platform, users automatically gain access to what they are entitled, and need never be aware that they are viewing a limited subset of the entire service.


Agriculture, Electric & Gas, Environmental Management, Forestry, GIS, Insurance, Petroleum, Real Estate, Telco

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