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GraniteNet Office Package: More Sophisticated for Use in the Office to Make Informed Decisions - Process Control - GraniteNet will collect many types of inspection data to provide a unified view of the current condition of a particular asset. - Decision makers can make informed decisions based on the analysis of the information. WebOffice is a browser-based, read only Web Application built for assessing infrastructure, videos and statuses about assets from virtually any portable tablet device (iPad, Android, Chrome Book, Surface Pro, etc.) with an internet connection. It streamlines operations by enabling real time, map-driven views into the condition of the system as well as the status of tasks assigned to crews for greater efficiency and productivity. No software needs to be installed. Simply log in and view productivity dashboards, plan and assign tasks to crews, review inspections, run filtered reports, and generate PDF’s to share to others from virtually any internet-connected device. WebOffice is ideal for entities with many users who will benefit by logging in from wherever they work.


Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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