The GraniteNet and Maximo Interface

By Cues

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Working in close partnership with IBM since 2009 when the first Maximo 6 Integration Module was released, CUES has fully integrated its GraniteNet v2.x asset management and decision support software with IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.5 to provide a flexible process flow and bidirectional integration for field maintenance activities using GraniteNet and Maximo. Because the systems are tightly integrated, data integrity is maintained programmatically to simplify the process of managing Work Orders, tasks and the overall work flow for more efficient infrastructure asset management. The Maximo Integration Module is designed for Maximo and GraniteNet users that want to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The process is easy: The field operator simply locates tasks assigned to him/her in the desired Project in GraniteNet and then completes these tasks. For ease-of-use, all of the imported data is automatically pre-loaded in the applicable fields after the operator completes the inspection(s) in the field. The completed inspections are then transferred to the Maximo Server through a scheduled export process daily, weekly or manually. After export to Maximo, the Work Orders in Maximo become linked to completed tasks in GraniteNet – and users can review inspection results by simply clicking on a button in the Maximo Work Order form which will bring up the inspection in GraniteNet.


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