DAT/EM Systems International

Anchorage, AK, United States


DAT/EM Systems International offers a suite of photogrammetric software solutions, including Summit Evolution and LandScape, which are efficient digitizing and editing tools to extract 3D vector features from stereo imagery or point clouds. DAT/EM Capture may be added to collect and edit vector information from Summit Evolution or LandScape directly into Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop. An Anchorage, Alaska-based company, DAT/EM Systems International has developed world-class photogrammetric, CAD- and GIS-based mapping software since 1987. DAT/EM serves its 500 plus clients in more than 70 countries by building and maintaining valuable systems, staying alert to industry trends and advances, and always leading by example with quality products and services.



DAT/EM Systems International offers training and support services to its clients. One year of support is included with new DAT/EM software purchases. Keeping software current and hardware in good working order can be critical toward completing a job on time. DAT/EM's support program provides the services necessary to get projects done and delivered. Annual Software Support includes: Software updates which are scheduled approximately three times per year. Technical questions submitted via email, phone, fax or the DAT/EM Support Forum are handled by experienced technical staff. 24-hour support services are available by request. Subsequent support terms after the first year are purchased on an annual basis. Multiple system and educational license discounts are available. Shipping expenses for software updates via Federal Express economy or international priority is included (international shipment duties and taxes are not included). Custom training packages are available by request. Please ask your DAT/EM representative for more information.

Services Provided:

Training Services