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Field Team Manager Mobile (FTMM) is a mobile mapping application for field teams that are performing following a route, performing tasks, and collecting information in the field using mobile devices. FTMM enables team members to visualize an Esri map of their scheduled route, along with their current completion of their route. The assigned tasks along the route are performed by the field team member and information is recorded about each location through a form on the device. For field team managers, they are able to see that status of all of the members of their field team in near real-time, so they can make rapid decisions in the field. FTMM works in both online and disconnected modes, enabling users to sync up after they are back within cell service range. FTMM was build using the ArcGIS Android SDK, using a web API backend in Azure, and mobile device management (MDM) using Microsoft Intune. FTMM has been successfully deployed to production and has increased the productivity and tracking of work in the field. FTMM has also enabled dispatchers to more easily track in real-time and provide locational audit trails for government oversight.


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