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Dataminr’s real-time AI platform detects the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks from within publicly available data. Dataminr helps organizations know critical information first, respond with confidence, manage risk effectively, and minimize operational and business disruption. Our AI platform analyzes billions of public data inputs each day from global to hyperlocal sources in multiple formats and from over 100 languages. Businesses rely on Dataminr Pulse integrated with Esri ArcGIS for the real-time alerting they need to protect their people and assets, and minimize business disruption. That’s why over two-thirds of Fortune 50 and half of Fortune 100 companies around the globe turn to us to inform their security operations and be better prepared to manage any crisis. Public sector organizations depend on First Alert, Dataminr’s product for the public sector, to know first about high-impact events. Integrating First Alert’s real-time, breaking news alerts into Esri ArcGIS workflows enables public sector organizations to accelerate decision making and action when every minute matters​​.



Dataminr Pulse + Esri ArcGIS provides value across the organization from corporate security to operations, supply chain, HR and beyond. We support a number of use cases, including: Asset protection – detect severe weather approaching a location, provide advanced warning and help inform your response. Employee safety – get real-time alerting on events occurring near company facilities. Traveler safety – monitor events occurring in cities with active travelers. Executive protection – protect executives with alerting on threats and events near their residences and work locations. Field worker safety – monitor potential danger when providing customer support. Route safety + optimization – ensure drivers are aware of disruptions or hazards on the road and informed of a safer route. Site selection + market analysis – analyze historical risk data and location insights to determine the best site for a new business or branch. Public sector customers can leverage First Alert, Dataminr's product for first responders and public sector, that delivers real-time, breaking news alerts to help make critical decisions with speed and confidence. See FIRST ALERT for Esri ArcGIS for more information. If you have questions or concerns about the content you’re receiving, please reach out for support at, OR email your Dataminr Customer Success Manager.