MapDash + Lifestyle Profile Analysis™

By Datastory

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MapDash +Lifestyle Profile Analysis provides powerful customer insights to business leaders who are responsible for marketing strategy, program and product alignment, and identifying areas of opportunity for greater market penetration. This “plussed up” configuration of MapDash, which begins with a simple spreadsheet of addresses (provided by you), delivers actionable insights about the people most important to your business: customers, patients, members, donors, volunteers, or program participants. Datastory leverages Business Analyst to perform geocoding, spatial analysis, and geoenrichment. The results are visualized for use in ArcGIS Online and delivered via MapDash Exec, built on ArcGIS Dashboards. A Lifestyle Profile Analysis is a foundational early step that accelerates your Esri journey toward more complex customer segmentation within Business Analyst.


Community Development, Demographics, Education, Entertainment & Leisure, Financial Services, Foundations & Associations, Health & Human Services, Insurance, Libraries & Museums, Media, Parks & Recreation, Real Estate, Retail, Trucking & Distribution

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