MapDash + Market Texture Analysis™

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MapDash + Market Texture Analysis empowers business leaders to use a synthesized, data-grounded view of the market to guide the strategy and tactics of market development and market expansion. This “plussed up” configuration of MapDash combines multiple data inputs into an integrated view of a market. Delivered as a map that shows hot spots of opportunity, this powerful analytic can include multiple, weighted inputs related to supply, demand, and opportunity. It’s like running a million demographic reports at once and sorting the ones that match your specific business needs. Datastory leverages ArcGIS Notebooks within ArcGIS Pro to perform network and spatial analysis and geoenrichment. The results are visualized for use in ArcGIS Online and delivered via MapDash Exec, built on ArcGIS Dashboards A Market Texture Analysis is a foundational early step along the Esri customer journey toward more complex market planning and site selection within ArcGIS Pro and Business Analyst.


Community Development,Education,Financial Services,Foundations & Associations,Health & Human Services,Insurance,Libraries & Museums,Parks & Recreation,Real Estate,Retail,Trucking & Distribution

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