Earth Knowledge Inc

Tucson, AZ, United States


Earth Knowledge collects and analyzes structured and unstructured data about the planet’s natural systems and apply this insight to specific business scenarios and assets to identify your risks. We see the interconnected patterns in the way our planet is changing like nobody else can and use this to bring comprehensive context to your decision-making. Our EK Indicators aggregate decades’ worth of planetary data in a single platform to highlight key metrics and flag risks and opportunities you may not have considered to give you the bigger picture. This is accelerating your transition to green finance and more sustainable business, profitably. Why Earth Knowledge We bring together a global team of scientists, analysts and leading organizations to collect complex, multi-dimensional, non-linear planetary and environmental data. Combined with analytics at scale, we see and understand the high interconnectivity between the planet’s natural systems and the modern world, and the interacting facets of sustainability and global change. All the data we collect is peer-reviewed and verified by specialists in their field. We then apply this information to build accurate models that help you measure and mitigate risk. This isn’t simply aggregating data. This is business resilience built on science.