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Clearfield, UT, United States


Elements XS provides a simplified approach to GIS centric asset management for small to medium sized utilities and local government. Using Esri’s ArcGIS platform, Elements XS provides an ultra flexible suite of tools to manage service requests, work orders, inspections, routine maintenance, citizen requests, permits, licenses, and much more. Elements XS is a web based application that can be deployed on premise or offsite. In addition to standard asset and work management functionality, the application includes native integration tools for 811 (locate) tickets, SCADA, utility billing, and ERP systems to maximize return on investment across multiple departments within an organization. Vertical assets including fleet, treatment plant equipment, facilities and more can also be managed using Elements XS. inventory management tools are included to manage vendors, stock levels, purchasing, receiving, and other information related to materials management. Tools for scheduling, budgeting, business risk calculation, and more are also included with the Elements XS platform. Since 2006 Elements XS has helped small to medium sized organizations more efficiently manage assets and infrastructure. Located near Salt Lake City, UT, Novotx LLC develops and maintains Elements XS.



The Elements XS team specializes in helping organizations find success with asset management. By leveraging real world experience and the ultra-flexible technology in Elements XS, users can design and deploy tailored business processes to streamline operations while leveraging the geodatabase as the single, authoritative asset repository for all spatial assets. The Elements XS team brings extensive real world experience to each project, as many team members have been employed by actual utilities and local governments, doing actual asset management work in the field and in the office. Our experience provides unmatched insight for business process design, software training at all levels, and technology adaptation. The proven Elements XS project management plans, implementation strategy, and risk mitigation plans help streamline the implementation process and reduce the potential headaches involved with migrating to a new asset management platform. Additionally, the Elements XS team offers a full range of workflow design and implementation services including third party integrations, ArcGIS platform planning, configuration and deployment, and related training services.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Conversion/Migration, GIS Strategy and Planning, Implementation, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services