Skadi 100™ GNSS Receiver

By Eos Positioning Systems Inc

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The Skadi 100™ is our entry-level GNSS receiver in the Skadi Series™ from Eos Positioning Systems®. With single-frequency support for all GNSS constellations, the Skadi 100 lets you obtain submeter, mapping-grade accuracy in the field using only freely available satellite-based augmentation systems (SBAS) signals. The Skadi 100 is device agnostic to work with any iOS®, Android™, or Windows® mobile device. In addition to the accuracy and performance you have come to expect from any Eos GNSS receiver, the Skadi 100 also includes several advanced mapping capabilities available only in the Skadi Series product line. These include an integrated antenna and hot-swap, all-day battery to support any field mounting configuration. With the Skadi Standard Handle™ that is included in every Skadi 100 purchase, you can seamlessly switch from a handheld field configuration to a range-pole setup and more.


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