Skadi 200™ RTK GNSS Receiver

By Eos Positioning Systems Inc

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The Skadi 200™ is our entry-level RTK-enabled GNSS receiver in the Skadi Series™ from Eos Positioning Systems®. With support for dual-frequency on all GNSS constellations, the Skadi 200 lets you obtain reliable centimeter-level RTK accuracy in the field. The Skadi 200 is compatible with any existing RTK network, CORS network, and base station. It is also compatible with free SBAS signals in areas without RTK coverage, and it is device agnostic to work with any iOS®, Android™, or Windows® mobile device. In addition to the accuracy and performance you would expect from any Eos GNSS receiver, the Skadi 200 also includes several advanced mapping capabilities available only in the Skadi Series product line. These include an integrated antenna and hot-swap, all-day battery pack. Moreover, the Skadi 200 can be activated with the Skadi Tilt Compensation™ so you can remain more productive at every point by not having to level your physical range pole. Skadi 200 High-Accuracy Handheld GNSS Receiver from Eos Positioning Systems Finally, your included Skadi Standard Handle™ may be optionally upgraded to the Skadi Smart Handle™ to take advantage of two exciting features. First, the Invisible Range Pole™ provides continuous elevation measurements to the ground. Additionally, the Extensible Virtual Range Pole™ lets you remotely capture assets located a short distance away that are on the ground and in trenches.


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