Greater Orlando Aviation Authority GIS Address Data Management Application

By EPIC Engineering & Consulting Group LLC

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EPIC was authorized to develop an application that utilized the address data model created by GOAA to manage the existing address data more efficiently, streamline future address data creation, and monitor maintenance processes. EPIC developed the Address Data Management Application (ADMA) to meet these requirements and reduce the potential for data duplication, data entry errors, and the time consumed attempting to manually manage address data. EPIC designed ADMA as a GIS web application hosted within the airport’s secured intranet. As part of the development approach, EPIC worked with GOAA to verify and document the desired application workflows and functionality while incorporating GOAA feedback into the design of ADMA. This included providing GOAA the opportunity to review the requirements gathering documentation EPIC collected as well as delivering UI mockups of ADMA to help unify the final vision shared by GOAA stakeholders and EPIC.



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