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Risk Scores offer a simple yet powerful way to compare the flood risk for assets across a portfolio. They are used by risk professionals when detailed flood depth data is not required or is too complex and time-consuming to process for a particular risk workflow. Available in two forms, Relative Risk and Risk Category, the metrics are designed to deliver a consistent method of understanding how flood risk varies from one location to another, in the current and future climate scenarios. The scores enable a detailed view of the risk to a single asset as well as a high-level view of the risk to an entire portfolio. The data has a wide range of uses across insurance, engineering, international development and financial markets. They can be utilized in risk management and reporting, including portfolio screening, investment due diligence, pricing or valuing of assets, underwriting, and regulatory compliance. The Scores offer flexibility to the user, allowing them to select any set of asset locations, for any major flood peril or time horizon, for any climate scenario, for any point on the planet. Risk Scores distill a huge amount of information into simple and easy-to-consume metrics enabling a clearer and more efficient approach to risk assessment.


Environmental Management, Public Safety, Water Resources

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