FNT Software

Ellwangen, BW, Germany


FNT is a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of telecommunications, IT, and data center infrastructure. FNT’s solutions are used by organizations worldwide as an OSS/IT management application. FNT facilitates planning, documenting, and managing passive and active physical, logical and virtual IT, telecommunications, and data center infrastructures, from the physical level to business services. FNT stores this information in a vendor-agnostic uniform data model, which is a central system of record of a hybrid infrastructure. The combination of schematic views and GIS-based visualizations provides fully transparency about available and used resources across the entire network infrastructure. Whatever mixture of on-premise IT and private, managed and public clouds an organization uses, this single source of information about all network assets is the key to gaining a clear understanding of overall utilization, capacities and asset status for more efficient planning, service assurance and fulfillment processes. FNT helps businesses maintain a reliable and flexible infrastructure, which is the basis for all digital business processes and applications. FNT supports modern infrastructure management with a comprehensive, dynamic system that stores all information in one place, maintains information quality, and makes it readily available to all systems that need it, enabling businesses to provision high-value IT and telecommunications services.