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By Futura Systems, Inc.

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CatalystIQ means Data Synergy for the Informed Utility CatalystIQ is a new standard in operational analytics, designed to empower your management with the critical information necessary to make good business decisions. CatalystIQ brings all of your key data sources together into an intuitive, graphical display in a single map view, allowing you to quickly pinpoint gaps, successes and opportunities across your service area with little to no learning curve required. • Developed for smart devices and desktop browsers • Leverage one central hub to connect islands of data that otherwise would not be inter-related • Generate on-demand reports without assistance from multiple departments or individuals • Capitalize on your Smart Grid investments by harvesting valuable information and insights from the massive amounts of meter data produced • Develop your business plans on the most up-to-the-minute data: o Determine where to locate Remote Payment Kiosks by displaying your Prepaid Metering consumers on the map o Join Work Order to AVL information speed dispatching an improve customer service and satisfaction o Display blinks along the electric grid to find possible faulty locations before outages can occur o Overlay outages with lightning strikes to show better outage detection points and locations for lightning arrestors


Electric & Gas, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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