Futura FieldInspection

By Futura Systems, Inc.

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Futura FieldInspection is a Fully Customizable Field Solution Tool Futura FieldInspection simplifies the way utilities complete Damage Assessment, System Inspections, Vegetation Management and Joint Use Audits. With FieldInspection, data collection, inspection and verification done in the field can be synched up directly with GIS, where it’s displayed on one intuitive dashboard – saving time and ensuring the accuracy of your information. • Increase the efficiency of your field inspection personnel • Ensure consistent data entry with field validation • Quickly assess storm damage • View inspection photos directly in FuturaGIS • Track and manage right-of-way clearance • Integrate seamlessly with FuturaGIS, Staking and FuturaMobile • Access more functions in one, cost-effective module than with multi-module systems • Perform multiple inspections and upload to GIS server without having to re-key data • Improve the accuracy and speed of communications by synching field data to the geodatabase for utility-wide distribution • Customize a variety of features – including profiles, toolbars and dashboard


Electric & Gas, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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