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The GAMMA Plugin for ArcGIS seamlessly integrates support for SAR data in ArcGIS Pro, specifically for complex and detected SAR data delivered in radar geometry (slant range / azimuth or ground range / azimuth). Powered by the GAMMA Software (GEO/LAT modules), this plugin offers a user-friendly interface for the following operations: - Reading SAR data from various sensors / formats - Detection, radiometric calibration and geocoding of SAR data - Co-registration of SLC and MLI SAR images in slant range / azimuth geometry - Adaptive interferometric coherence estimation - Multi-temporal processing and filters - Spatial filtering of 2D SAR images - Change detection in SAR images Each tool within the plugin corresponds to a Python function, facilitating integration into automated workflows, e.g., using Jupyter Notebook. Alternatively, automated processes using tools from the GAMMA plugin for ArcGIS can be configured through the ArcGIS ModelBuilder. Comprehensive documentation accessible directly within ArcGIS Pro accompanies each tool and input parameter. A demo example is provided to aid users in learning how to use the GAMMA plugin for ArcGIS and to showcase its capabilities.


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