NetSuite Fixed Asset Management (FAM) Smartphone BarCode Scanning Solution

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GCS built and deployed smartphone apps connecting NetSuite Fixed Asset Management (FAM) with Geographic Information System (GIS) while using BarCode scanning to eliminate errors and optimize fixed asset tracking. The SmartPhone apps connect field crews directly to NetSuite and GIS systems. GCS continues its work with OmniTRAX Energy Solutions (OES), The Whole Mile Solution, by advancing its rail and energy logistics system. The solution consists of an operational dashboard connected to a large array of sensors and numerous third party vendor APIs, such as Verizon Connect fleet management, to enable employees to make informed decisions more quickly. This gives executives and managers real-time location insight into assets tracked across last mile transportation from basin to wellhead. Ultimately, the system improves well site logistics coordination and management while providing executive teams key performance indicators in a web dashboard. The solutions integrates: Oracle NetSuite Fixed Asset Management (FAM) with ArcGIS Online/Enterprise/Portal, GeoEvent Server, Survey123 for ArcGIS, Operations Dashboard, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.


Petroleum,Trucking & Distribution

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