Genasys Inc

San Diego, CA, United States


Genasys Protect provides a full suite of protective communications solutions, including: 1. Genasys Protect EVAC, that uses intelligent zoning to reduce the time from Incident Recognition to community notification by 90%, accelerating decision-making and communication of a clear message to the community, 2. Genasys Protect ALERT that provides multi-channel alerting and communication to reach people both during predictable events and large-scale disasters, and 3. Genasys Protect ACOUSTICS to broadcast intelligible voice messages even when the power is out. Genasys Protect helps first responders and emergency managers deliver accurate, actionable communication to the people who need it. Genasys allows first responders and emergency managers to react quickly to unexpected events and emergencies with targeted, flexible zones, predictive simulation, emergency warning and mass notification solutions for public safety, and critical event management for commercial enterprises and government agencies. Community members can stay informed with real-time alerts and notifications through multiple channels, including through the Genasys website or mobile app. Genasys’ solutions go beyond stand-alone mass notification or critical event management with an extensive suite of communication, preparedness, and analytics solutions to keep people, communities, and assets protected against the impacts of natural disasters, terrorism, civil unrest, and other emergencies.