Cable Harvest Planning Solution (CHPS)

By Geographic Business Solutions Ltd.

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The Cable Harvest Planning Solution (CHPS) is an extension for ArcGIS for that is basically a payload calculation tool for cable harvest planning. The system is based on the same calculation used in LoggerPC and SkylineXL. Now you can undertake your cable harvest planning inside ArcGIS for Desktop making use of contour data and/or DEMs. You no longer have to move data between systems. Make use of all of the rich GIS data you have to assist your cable harvest planning tasks. You can run multiple profiles from multiple cable yarder locations and quickly and easily calculate the payloads possible based on the terrain and yarder parameters. The system supports Standing, Running and Live skyline methods as well as High Lead. Multi-span calculations are coming soon. CHPS creates profile analysis reports direct to PDF and Excel and maps can be created using standard ArcMap functionality. CHPS comes with a pre-loaded database of commonly used yarders and carriages as well as the ability to create your own. You can add in additional survey points (from GPS for example) to augment your existing terrain if desired. For a 30 day trial visit our website.


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