Geographic Technologies Group Inc

Goldsboro, NC, United States


Beyond Location Intelligence Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) was founded in 1997 and is one of the country’s leading, full-service, local government GIS consulting companies committed to advancing the science of location intelligence and geospatial technology. We break boundaries, solve problems, and introduce a new kind of decision support. Our team goes beyond location intelligence to plan, design, educate, build, implement, transform, and maintain. We use spatial information to empower understanding, influence the decision-making process, offer new insights, reveal new data relationships, predict events, engage and educate the community, and solve problems of the future. The outcome is a smarter, more resilient, and sustainable government. As an Esri partner, GTG is uniquely positioned to plan, design, implement, and maintain, as well as help you grow your enterprise GIS. We serve Public Safety and Emergency Operations, Public Works and Utilities, Land and Information Management, Parks, Recreation, Public Administration, and more. Our solutions are focused on planning, economic growth, sustainability, resilience, safety, monitoring, response, tracking, community engagement, efficiencies, preparedness, and situational awareness. GTG is headquartered in North Carolina with regional offices across the United States. Contact our staff at (919) 759-9214, or toll-free at (888) 757-4222. You can also email us at



Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) has secured state, national, and international awards for planning, designing, and implementing enterprise, sustainable, scalable, and enduring GIS solutions. Founded in 1997, GTG celebrates more than two decades of growth and success. Built on its tradition of deploying the very best GIS solutions for local and state governments, GTG is now serving over 700 clients nationwide. We serve local and state government organizations. GTG offers the following GIS services: - GIS Strategic Planning - GIS Needs Assessments - Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis - System Architecture Design - System Integration - Enterprise Implementation - Enterprise Data Management Plan - Data Assessment and Design - Staff Augmentation - GIS Training, Education, and Knowledge Transfer - Programming and Application Development - Custom Widget Development - Geospatial Support Programs for Local Government - Data Creation, Collection, and Conversion - Data Model and Database Design - Custom Software Tools Our company supports and extends the reach of the entire Esri ecosystem of solutions including ArcGIS HUB; ArcGIS Online; web, desktop, and mobile mapping solutions; field and mobile operations; spatial analysis and 3D visualization; remote sensing; and data management.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Business Case Development, Data Conversion/Migration, Data Model & Database Design, GIS Strategy and Planning, Hosting Services, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services