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GeoAdaptor is the most powerful database toolset that adapts to your surroundings and produces the results you want seamlessly and flawlessly. Local governments have millions of dollars tied up in databases and IT systems. This data is often input into databases and never seen again. GeoAdaptor takes this data and geo-enables it! It gives it a location as soon as it is entered. It leverages your critical data spatially. It allows you to identify data inaccuracies and immediately fix them. In short, GeoAdaptor is a must-have tool for all government agencies. It allows for spatial enabling of data; data mashup, synchronization, fusion, aggregation, and extraction; automation of data processes; and full reporting and analytics capabilities. Turn on GeoAdaptor and let it integrate your IT investment, eliminate costly and timely scripting processes, clean your digital data, and provide a backroom solution.



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