Hobart, Australia


Geoneon is an innovative technology firm, leveraging AI to transform complex geospatial data into actionable climate risk insights for asset managers, financial auditors, corporate finance teams, regulatory bodies, insurance companies, and governments. Our unique solutions bridge the gap between environmental data and financial reporting, aiding in comprehensive and accurate climate risk disclosures.



At Geoneon, we specialise in offering advanced climate risk solutions, leveraging our deep understanding of the ArcGIS platform and AI-driven tools. Our services encompass a broad spectrum, from data interpretation to implementation assistance and custom solutions for complex risk scenarios. 1) Climate Risk Consulting: Our team of experts, certified in ArcGIS and AI tools, provides consultative services to help organisations interpret complex geospatial data, translating it into actionable climate risk insights for informed decision-making. 2) Custom Risk Analysis: We work closely with our clients to understand their unique risk scenarios and tailor our solutions to their needs, delivering comprehensive risk analyses that integrate seamlessly into their financial reporting processes. Our services are particularly valued in industries such as finance, insurance, asset management, and government sectors where comprehensive climate risk assessment and reporting are paramount. We have a proven track record of success, having helped numerous organisations enhance their climate risk reporting capabilities and improve their regulatory compliance.