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GISbiz, Inc. has performed indexing and data entry services for gas utility customer service cards for various clients. These cards can come in many different formats as the needs of the customer, the utility and industry regulations evolve. The service cards are filled out by maintenance crew personnel each of which have their own writing style, abbreviations, and ideas of what information is important to write down. For the most part, they all carry some basic information such as address, the location of the gas main, where the service enters the property, and service line material and footage. Cards are indexed, scanned, and processed through data entry to produce a database table that can be queried and processed by other applications. This level of processing is a common practice in the industry. GISbiz has taken the next step with this information. We have developed the tools and processes to transform the tabular service card information into representative service lines in GIS.


Electric & Gas, GIS, Land Records, Public Works

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