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Thailand Additional Layer provides special layers of geographic data in Thailand that can be used in conjunction with the Thailand Basemap Layer to enhance business performance and increase efficiency. The Thailand Additional Layer includes the following layers: 1. Building Block and Building Point 2. Address Point 3. Village Point (according to the Ministry of Interior) 4. Bus Stop and Bus Route 5. Thailand Postal Service Area Boundary 6. Thailand Police Service Area Boundary 7. City Plan (area of land usage according to city planning law) 8. National Park Area 9. Intersection Point 10. Highway Marker 11. Aviation Safety Zone 12. Future Layer (information on projects currently being planned for future implementation, such as mass transit, real estate, villages, or landmarks) 13. Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) boundaries 14. Electric Vehicle Charging Station 15. Flood Zone 16. Zone/Area for Real Estate 17. Primary/Secondary Entry Point of Landmark 18. Provincial Town Plan 19. Street Food (divided into 2 types: food truck and hawker stalls across the country) 20. TSIC-based Business Type Classification These additional layers provide valuable information for various purposes, such as urban planning, transportation analysis, address geocoding, and infrastructure development. Businesses can gain deeper insights and make more informed decisions by utilizing the Thailand Additional Layer along with the Thailand Basemap Layer.


Demographics, GIS, Insurance, Public Transit, Real Estate, Retail, Trucking & Distribution

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