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IFS Tobin delivers innovative solutions and accurate geospatial and attribute data to the energy and resources markets, allowing users to maintain enterprise datasets, leverage business intelligence and geological analyses for asset evaluation, make critical land and lease decisions with ease, and gain visibility into future opportunities. IFS Tobin products provide users with complete clarity around well, lease, and land activity across the business: land, business development, geology, GIS, engineering, and more. • Grid | the Foundation of the IFS Tobin Product Family ─ Grid/Survey, State Lines, County Lines, Lots and Tracts, BLM Survey, Culture, and Texas Rural Subdivisions • Wells (surface and bottom hole locations, header information, plus other attributions) • Fee Lease (polygons), Fee Lease Activity (points), and Federal Lease (polygons) • Surface Ownership (vintage) • Pooling Units • Hardcopy Maps (current and historical) Our focus on Information Quality delivers Thorough, Harmonious, Accurate, and Timely (THAT) data you can depend on. To accomplish THAT, data passing established rules will be quickly mapped/released, and flagged data will be reviewed by GIS analysts before being mapped/released. Because grid data may change, we actively research/update the grid providing a dependable base map. To help with analytics, aliased company names are added to our attribution. IFS Tobin | The industry standard in data and geospatial information solutions for almost 100 years.



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