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Tobin All Access (TAA) addresses the challenges of acquiring dependable enterprise-wide geospatial and attribute information meeting the specific needs of the energy and resources markets in a cost-effective way. With TAA, companies of all sizes can leverage customizable licensing and coverage options with scalable areas of interest, from national or regional coverage to smaller districts or individual counties. All teams across your organization have 24/7 access to our most up-to-date information through Tobin REST API, third-party applications as a web map service, and/or the Tobin Data Portal, a web portal allowing users to view and extract data, run queries, and print maps. TAA Basic subscribers have access to the following IFS Tobin products: • Grid including Grid/Survey, State Lines, County Lines, Lots and Tracts, BLM Survey, Culture, and Texas Rural Subdivisions • Wells (surface and bottom hole locations, header information, plus other attributions) • Lease including Fee Lease (polygons), Fee Lease Activity (points), and Federal Lease (polygons) • Surface Ownership (vintage) TAA Plus subscribers also have access to the IFS Tobin Pooling Unit product. Having access to IFS Tobin products through a TAA subscription enables users across your organization to have a clear vision of their competitive landscape.



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