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The Geomancy Decision Engine provides a comprehensive and repeatable methodology, allowing for full integration and interaction between environmental, economic, construction, and reclamation factors involved in field development. This system supports optimum design through balancing all of these factors in conjunction with overarching goals and constraints, and is used for planning and siting of Wells, Well Pads, Well Laterals, Pipelines, Gathering Systems, Access Roads, and Central Processing Facilities. The goals are to support the decision-making process through consensus, capture the design basis, increase consistency in the planning process, perform what-if scenarios, generate multiple options, reduce the effort needed to evaluate options, improve documentation of siting rationale, and produce reliable and repeatable results. Geomancy is built with the professional in mind. Designed to work alongside your corporate GIS and built on the ArcGIS platform, the engine is able to slipstream nicely into the planning workflow and provide results almost immediately after implementation. The application provides a number of tools to accomplish this, including those used for project and scenario definition, data management and analysis, and reporting and visualization. The system is designed around a core suite of capabilities, configurable based on modeling requirements and client-specific settings, and available to be embedded in client-proprietary processes or products.

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