Marco Mystic

By Integrated Informatics Inc.

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Want to have your data and see it too? Marco Mystic, the newest edition to Marco Studio, brings enterprise search and discovery to the web. Building upon the unique features of the other Marco solutions, this application facilitates the exploration of an enterprise network, quickly searching multitudes of data across an organization. Marco Mystic offers a user-friendly interface for performing search of spatial data inventories - quickly combing through Layers, Map Documents, and metadata to discover the health of such files, their connections to one another, and producing metrics for evaluation are just the start of what can be accomplished. Easily deployed in your environment and consumable via your favorite web-browser, you have full control over the data seen by employing classic search functionality like Sort and Filter with exceptional options that help to determine brokenness and health, ownership, file size, age, and the like. This application is the ideal companion to its command-line component, Marco Commander, to aide an organization in discovery and maintenance of their data resources. This application is part of a suite of Knowledge Management solutions – Marco Studio – designed to better maintain spatial data on an enterprise system.

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