Wellington, New Zealand


Isovist is a New Zealand company of highly experienced IT and planning professionals who are committed to providing quality software services for Local Authorities. Our flagship product IsoPlan is a tool for both the public and professionals and provides a powerful front end for interrogating City, District and Regional Plans (NZ/Australia) and General, Comprehensive and Master Plans (US). We are specialists in GIS and as an ESRI Partner we can offer a range of GIS services such as Server, Web Applications and ArcGIS Online. We also work with our clients to design and implement custom solutions or integrate with their existing software to create systems tailored to their needs.



GIS ----- We are proficient in GIS systems, from Desktop to Server using mainly ESRI technologies. We have in depth knowledge of Spatial data and geodatabases, and integrating GIS with other systems such as Asset Management and Enterprise systems. ArcGIS Online ------------------- ArcGIS Online is an exciting new technology from ESRI which further extends the web capability of GIS. We have products that utilise this technology, and we can also help you make the most of ArcGIS Online. Custom Software ----------------------- Isovist concentrates on developing software for Local Authorites, whether its integration, web applications, or database development. Our team has years of experience in developing software solutions for a wide variety of clients. Integration -------------- With so many fragmented systems implemented in councils, linking information can often be challenging. We have experience in integrating systems, whether by software, or by Data. GIS can often play a crucial part in this process.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, System Integration