K2Fly Ltd

Subiaco, Australia


K2fly Ltd is an ASX listed technology company which targets asset intensive industries. It supplies people, products and strategic alliances focussed on solving problems for clients. K2fly’s Infoscope Land Management System is a new way for resource companies to radically improve efficiencies and reduce risk in managing multiple land-based ssets. Organisations that do this well will enhance their reputation and maintain their social license to operate. The Infoscope system brings together operators across functions of environment, tenement administration, stakeholder engagement cultural heritage and native title management in a single, spatially integrated solution to manage information relating to land access and compliance across multiple industries. It operates across these functions to break down silos and dramatically improve efficiencies in land management, obligations and compliance. Infoscope offers a spatial first option for users to understand all sensitivities related to a land area via one system. This ensures your social license to operate on land while ensuring operational efficiencies, risk mitigation and increased cost savings. Infoscope will empower an organisation on its compliance and obligations management through auto-triggered workflows, actions and watches. With a fully integrated interface to GIS systems such as ESRI, and SAP Infoscope will serve as a single source of truth for operational efficiency.